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CATEC Vision:

Always striving to be the symbol of excellence, development, expansion and provision of integrated industrial engineering solutions to our customers worldwide

CATEC Mission:

To utilize the most advanced technologies in the world, our exclusive partnerships with first class reputable European manufacturers, continuous training of our staff to the updated global standards, and exceed customer expectations in providing our engineering solutions in our various business fields

  • CATEC stands for “Consulting And Technical Engineering Company”.
  • CATEC has over 40 years of experience worldwide.
  • CATEC was founded in 1980 as a private company “SAPO”, then reformed and registered as a corporation in 2001.
  • CATEC represents a number of international reputable manufacturers for textile machinery, boilers, specialty lubricants, and pumps. (Please click on Agency to view list).
  • CATEC activities cover the fields of agency, import & export, project evaluation, service, installation, trouble-shooting, start-up & commissioning, maintenance and turn-key projects.
  • CATEC has special and worldwide experience in installing textile-finishing machinery, industrial boilers, piping systems and automatic controls
  • CATEC has a state of art equipped USTER service station that maintains information systems software, repairs and calibrates lab equipment, as well as electronic equipment used in the textile industry.
  • CATEC has the largest and most experienced boiler service team in Africa with 20+ personnel.
  • CATEC is the exclusive partner for 30+ years of BOSCH Industrial (formerly LOOS) in Egypt, Libya & Sudan, as well as their service partner in Africa & Middle East.
  • CATEC opened its Renewable Energy division in 2013, mainly targeting Solar projects in the region.
  • CATEC’s success is based on our experience and proven technical skills over the past decades, and exceeding customer’s expectations.
  • CATEC has 4 offices in Egypt and 1 in Canada.
  • Please click on Contact us to view our offices and contact info.